How to build a Quality Construction business in Builk PH

“After graduating from Civil Engineering in 2000, I worked as an engineer in a construction site for a while. saw the avenue and had the opportunity to enter We think that we can control the construction work. It is likely that you can be a contractor yourself. Doing a construction business, profits would be good, and it doesn’t cost a lot of money – that’s my idea. When starting a construction business Which I was very wrong.” Phai Phadungtin, founder of Builk Asia Co., Ltd.

Lessons learned from thinking about becoming a contractor, not just liking construction. Graduated this way and will do construction business. To be successful easily


Being a contractor is tiring.

It may take years or even years to submit an assignment. In the meantime, there are matters that need to be managed, including people, materials, paperwork, procurement. Once again, it’s been a month, it’s time to find a job to pay wages. The deal is complete, pay for the material again. If it’s something that’s in control, it’s still good. But there are things that can’t be controlled, such as rain, flooding, subcontractors leave work. Partnership Drama Plus there’s another mess in front of the job.

When there is a problem, it sometimes results in a delay in the work. or have to add more money to finish the job If you are unlucky, you will find the owner of the project withdrawing the money late. instead of going to work in construction must take the time to spin the money together and have fun This is the source of reputation (d) of contractors that work late, leave work, cheat or even have a book on how to deal with cheating contractors for sale.

It turns out that there are people who view contractors as an unreliable occupation, even though in the beginning, no contractor is intended to cheat. born to leave work would want to build good construction But we understand that there are many risks. That makes the job not finished on time and budget that I really thought.


Start from creating a construction cost control program that you can use yourself. and want to share with others

We have the idea that Technology should be able to help complete the construction work on a budget. so invite friends Computer engineers working in technology to develop a construction cost control program. After solving the cost problem for yourself. I would like to share with my friends in the construction industry to have some cost control system.

BUILKPH.COM was born in 2010 for contractors to use. Professional online cost control Being a contractor of SMEs before, I understand that contractors will think hard about buying software to use. Will it be worth it? Is it good to save money to buy machines to use at the job site? So instead of selling software or collecting monthly fees. Therefore, we use free business management software, no vests , and earn money from advertising and marketing budgets. Of the brand of building materials instead, similar to Facebook or YouTube that we are familiar with.


It’s been 7 years, what happened?


During the first 5 years, we received many awards from Startup businesses at the national and regional levels and became famous in the innovation business. Members and contractors continued to grow, including Thailand, Laos, Indonesia and Myanmar, until we had to expand the storage space from the server in the country. Use the Amazon cloud and expand our team of programmers to continually improve, update, add features, and maintain system security for users.

as more users revenue from advertising only It may not be enough for the cost of developing and maintaining the program that has increased by several million baht per year. We shifted our business model into e-Commerce business for the construction industry in 2015 by opening a B2B online material store (focusing on selling only business customers)  on the bill called Yello PH Smart Purchase , selling cheap construction materials for fellow bill members. q and is another source of income for us Because we have contractors all over the country who regularly buy materials online through the system. Therefore, we started to deal with cheap construction materials directly from the manufacturer directly. Not plus operating costs and huge profits. because we do not have a storefront and stock therefore make a better price And it is another help in reducing the cost of materials for contractors.

In 2017,  Yello PH Smart Purchase grew with cooperation from leading construction material manufacturers/distributors. and most importantly, with the support of fellow builders across the country We deliver all kinds of building materials. Both project materials and architecture to hundreds of job sites with the concept of “combine buy-together safe”,  making BUILK.COM’s business model stronger and growing steadily.


The construction industry will improve If the construction business operates with a system together to build a quality society

Construction work cannot be done alone. How good would it be if your coworkers were skilled and qualified?

Quality society is made up of quality people living together. BUILK will help make this society happen by creating a construction cost management tool BUILK Cost Control for contractors to use for free via the website . There are online teaching materials. to learn by yourself There are trainings all over the country.

We want contractors to manage costs better. Manage your business on real-time data. Doing business with a lot of profit, business growth, including saving time on paperwork. use management system Then take the time to take care of the construction site better.

when there is a contractor The quality is very high We also want to have a chance to work together, so we have BUILK Company Profile to make online construction profiles. Build business credibility with construction works and scoring system At the beginning of each year, we organize a Construction United event, inviting BUILK Pro Network or contractors who use a good cost system to join the event. Because at least everyone has their own cost management system.

When we see someone good, we honor them. good example of the quality society we are building Many members are ready to give advice. Help fellow contractors brotherhood friends come up

Growing with the construction industry from now on

Although the members of the Bill now count tens of thousands of businesses, but there are construction businesses, contractors, real estate project owners. almost a thousand businesses Only those who can use BUILK Cost Control to control costs “every day” really.

We understand that it is difficult to change organizational behavior. or even contractor business executive myself to use the cost management system as a habit Because it takes effort, discipline, cooperation of everyone in the organization. The communication and leadership abilities of executives are sufficient. bring change into the business Sometimes we see contractors There was a problem in the administration. Costs are out of control just came to mind the system and complained about why they didn’t use it in the first place

to internal changes construction business will be difficult But we believe it is possible.
Because there are many successful examples. This can be seen from the growing number of BUILK Pro Networks across the country.

We will continue to build a quality society of contractors. There is a free business management system. There is an area to create an online profile, there are activities for quality contractors to meet and create technology that reduces costs, increases profits, saves time, as recommended by BUILK Pro Network members.

To help build a quality society of contractors that are strong for the construction industry in Thailand and ASEAN


– First written – July 2014 – 1st addition – April 2017